Morning Glory - Say Something True Lyrics

Morning Glory Lyrics

Say Something True Lyrics
You can't try the heart
in the courts of men
if lust for life is quiet
then guilty i am
send me off to the gallows old
she is faithful
the day is cold
like those before
we'll walk the plank
and get shot up
like those before
feet on the door: open it up

try & say something true
history smiles upon the few
free thinkin' liberality
has not place in society

i've been sentenced under laws of the king
a man i've never met
and he knows not me
if treason charge
then treason be
is treason is the will to be free
watch what you say
white leaders pray we do not stray
like mlk
like kennedy
they watch chompskey

is it any wonder why
we're obessed with suicide?
stuck in the garden of mass appeal
ever fasting for something real

MLK: "I Have A Dream"
Ghandi: "To fight against their anger"

watch what you say
white leaders pray
we do not stray
and if you do
the bullets cue
is taken from true

frown upon the gifted one
intelect is no match for guns
from the poison well we drink
blood's on the pages of history's ink

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