Morning Glory - Anti-Life Is The Antidote Lyrics

Morning Glory Lyrics

Anti-Life Is The Antidote Lyrics
people must think i'm a f*ckin' freak
but if tha world is normal
then f*cked i'm proud to be
into power these people climb
& ride the reigns of the public mind
corporate boy bands puppet for mcshit
financing wars & a global pit
no sex all violence
teach tha kids rape & silence
anti-gay, anti-jew
anti-black, anti-you

anti-life is tha antidote!

college is for suckers who perpetuate the lie
and frown upon those who can't afford
what they believe is right
fixed elections, alcoholic dads
mothers hopped up on pills & fads
ads for lawyers that look like snakes
sayin' shit like "trust me"
ha! you f*ckin' fakes
market crash, suicide
double crossing, business lies
fragile ego's, triple pride
soft money, takin' sides

anti-life is the antidote

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