Morning Glory - And In The End Lyrics

Morning Glory Lyrics

And In The End Lyrics
And in the end, turn around
wondering if you found
anything in your scene
worth the years
that you've been everlooking
questioning, searching for a song ta sing

quest for a fix
quest for fame
quests that kill

the human name
barrel over everyone
barrel of a shining gun
did they amount to bluer skies?
or days that you would live again?

Do ya know what i'm saying?
it's like keeping water in the rain
all that you possesed
possessed your head
and you instead

stay high, stay low
say hello before you go
if i were a lost & wandering king
for a friend & home i'd give anything
atop a friendless throne
a lonely king would give all
that he owned

in your final
breath sustained
would it matter
what you gained
what you haven't
what you had
what you thought
you had to have
what you wanted you never need
what you needed you never want

sleep's flood
it is so over
feigning honesty to fill
the bigger shoes, you wanted still
what do politicians think
as they're lieing close to death?
is it regret?
i wouldn't place my bet
dream of changes so true
it makes pins & needles thru
and that's so true....

And in the end
all it takes
all that matters
all that makes
all the people
you have shoved
shouldn't equal
those you've loved
and in the years that no one does
your friends will bring you love

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