Morning For The Masses - Call This Treason Lyrics

Morning For The Masses Lyrics

Call This Treason Lyrics
You're safe.
Don't lock you're door.

He says, "Hey whats this wetness upon my forehead??"
"Oh, thats just cold steel, be quiet, you'll soon be dead."
"Well, what did I do? And what makes you do this?!"
"I'm innocent until proven guilty. I love justice."
I love it.

how's this for poetry?
what a list of gorgeous metaphors
something i never wanted to see
something i should have known before

He saw that movie
his life is the same game
somehow you and he
are far
from the same
is it because hes afraid
for his life
commit your murder
prepare for your next crime


Let's kill eachother, like they do, in America, America.
America, America!

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