The Morning Benders - Damnit Anna Lyrics

The Morning Benders Lyrics

Damnit Anna Lyrics
[(?) needs checking and/or correction.]

damnit anna don't look at me that way
you know very well what you did that day
yes you know very well
you say you got a soul to sell
but if you wanna meet the devil
you gotta go to hell

damnit anna can't you look me in the eyes
you better pay attention when i'm giving you advice
'cause you'll pay out then know (?)
that nothing comes for free
you already paid the price of losing me

well i am big and flesh (?)
i dread (?) the words you read
a book without a cover
so don't judge me 'till its over

damnit anna don't you give me away
i'm sleeping in the shadows and i'm here to stay
they say if you love something
you better give it away
but i've seen the same things happen
in a canned rage

damnit anna (damnit anna)
damnit anna (damnit anna)
damnit anna (damnit anna)
damnit anna

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