Morning Again - America on Line Lyrics

Morning Again Lyrics

America on Line Lyrics
are you so blind to what lies beyond the screen? are entrapped by the network beyond the network? are you confined by this prison called online? a convenience designed to keep you immobile. live in that chair, content and unaware, as technological breakthrough breaks you down. I will be the circuit breaker. we are drawn to a lack of effort, as we abandon all work ethic. there's a difference between using and being used. I am guilty of this too, but not engulfed like you. there's a difference between using and being used, you're being abused. you, the consumer have been consumed. progress sets us back. can you not see the regression this binds you to? can you not feel these shackles placed on you? when information is the pistol to your head, and the lures of luxury outweigh all that's true. america online.

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