Mork Gryning - Unleash The Beast Lyrics

Mork Gryning Lyrics

Unleash The Beast Lyrics
Unleash the crimson winds of fire. The time has come for our master's arrival.
Now we're riding towards your filthy, holy heavens.
Famine, War, Death and Plague, we are the four horsemen!
The soldiers of death are marching, they gather in front of heaven's gate...
Fill the world with plague.
Erin, Cahn, Eldon and me will this insurrection of anarchy.
Let the world hear our demands, choose your side and join the battle up high...
Fire in the sky. The master has arrived.
We are rising from our graves and the beast is unleashed again!
March, army of the past.
We are the ones who won't be denied for we are the ones of the same ancient kind!
Our name is legion for we are many, we have the raging fire within our souls.
Our powers are infernal, we dedicate the Dark one everything we do.
Desecrate and slay! Whirlwinds on the way. Mankind will pray. But no one will reply!
You will die! Heaven fear us! We are the bringers of doom.
Black warriors of the evil seal, let the christians feel your steel.
Let the sign of victory blaze in your eyes.
The beasts arise - heavens demise.

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