Mork Gryning - Perpetual Dissolution Lyrics

Mork Gryning Lyrics

Perpetual Dissolution Lyrics
[music: Kimera lyrics: Kimera]

Withering to the void of abnormity a lament for the weak
Once again deserted facing the fatal fate, chased amid fusions of doubt
The bitter taste in my mouth is just fragments of true dissoluted selfknowledge

Demise of light
Eagerness for mercy, a closer distance to darkness
Demise of light
Perpetual dissolution breeds encore
I ventured to grasp control once again
With closed eyes I realized the void of sense
This scenario can?t be real
In fear of researching consequences

Pale cluster of depravity appearing, black is the halo
I am probing further into, depths of blackness
Moving through the ageless void, contaminated for all time
Derelict from the core perplexion to the fatal

A shivering light appears in front of me
Blinded by it?s face I dine in pain
Held back within the powers of surreality
A fraternity freefall penetrated within inner self
The sight is now clear
On and on sadness breeds sadness

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