Morifade - To Live Forever Lyrics

Morifade Lyrics

To Live Forever Lyrics
At birth was given power
To rise through blood and fire
Armed to command with sword in hand
Its days shall last forever
Prevail the chains of never
A spirit's born to soaring high

Here to stay
Without to decay
Glory of the ages
From the past to nowadays

Here to live forever
Here to carry on
Break the chains of never
Forever - never gone
Tantalizing - mesmerizing
Powers of thy sword
Here to live forever
The spirit still lives on

In time of blood and fire
Its power's rising higher
Behold its fury conquers all
It holds the sword of glory
The power and the courage
It's here to stay, too strong to fall

Here to stay...

Here to live forever...

We wont force thy mighty power
Rather be the disciples of yours
Break the chains and let our power
Prevail to hail thy iron force

Reaching higher...Feel the fire
Powers of thy iron force

Here to stay...

Here to live forever...
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