Morifade - The Hourglass Lyrics

Morifade Lyrics

The Hourglass Lyrics
There is no tomorrow, if we don't cease
To create the toxic waste
The remaining future, the hourglass
The sand within may not slip away

Face a new disaster, tomorrow's gone
If the world keeps carry on
Listen to the prophet, a nuclear war
Will be the twilight of the gods

Masters with might enter scenes
Tomorrow it will seems
As it was yesterday
Inhuman ways...

To destroy the hourglass
And judge the human race
For all thet they have done
Before these men began
To destroy the hourglass
Reformation's far away
It's time to save it now
Before they blast again
And destroys the hourglass

There is no tomorrow...

Masters with might enter scenes...

To destroy the hourglass...
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