Morifade - Starlit Sky Lyrics

Morifade Lyrics

Starlit Sky Lyrics
I scan the dark before my eyes
A question's yet untold
The dawn awaits, roll the witches
To find out from the cold

I have to force to reach my aim
I have the power, the eternal flame

This tide I'm in is hard to win
So what am I to do?
They say I'm dead but I'm alive
To sing my tunes for you

It feels to me like a mystery
If I know tomorrow, the past is history

Before the storm
May I see the curtain fall
The curse will leave my tide
When I ride across the starlit sky

In the dungeons I search my way
My fortune may descend
To bring me light in this shade of grey
My power will transcend

It feels to me...

Before the storm...

Forever and after
The silhouettes will fly
Like a razorblade across the sky

whenever hereafter
The silhouettes alive
To foever stay upon the sky

Before the storm...
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