Morifade - Revive For Awhile Lyrics

Morifade Lyrics

Revive For Awhile Lyrics
(Music & Lyrics: J. Johansson)

What once was a dream
Now vanished in me
All that I've mourned
To the memory of thee
The love we once shared
The light that was there
Burned out too quickly
In sorrow and despair
I'm nailed from inside
A heart that still cry
Formed from that day when you died
The sadness will stay
Grief made my way
Into the depths of the dark
(Darker than ever, please…)

Save me…I'm frozen and cold
Tears keep on falling
Like rain from above
Save me…the memories take hold
Please, hear my pleading
“If you could revive for awhile‿

Embraced by the pain
My pleasure's in vain
Since you were gone
To heaven now belong
If you could revive
And stay for awhile
Renew what we had
Then it wouldn't be that sad

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