Morifade - In Martyria Lyrics

Morifade Lyrics

In Martyria Lyrics
Guilty for nothing, treason took place
The Caesar's effacing thy grace
Once a commander but life's turning fast
Into a dark world you're cast
Pay the price for guiltless crimes
Enter the great arena
Raise thy sword, the martyr you are
Kill or be killed at once

When your fate is in the light
In a dome of watching eyes
You fight to keep thy honour
But you can't forget the lies
Pride once lost...the holocaust
The entrance to martyria

Gone are the days of imperial fame
When pride rose along with your name
Your future was lost in the merciless raid
When your loved ones were brutally slayed

Here you stand embraced with pain
There's no retreat or shelter
Keep thy trust, there's glory to find
Fight with no fear in mind


See through the lies
I'm your destined sacrifice
For the glory of Rome
Forevermore...I'm coming home


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