Morifade - Dragonlord Lyrics

Morifade Lyrics

Dragonlord Lyrics
By the blitz of dawn
The Dragonlord will rise
To show his blaze
With anger of the beast

BEWARE! He controls the ones to burn
In flames without return

Dragon...The Dragonlord
With his roaring beast (Above)
Fate and death conspire
To those who bring him war
Dragon...The Dragonlord
Steer the evil beast (Above)
Wings of steel turns higher
The choosen burns below
Oooh! The Dragonlord

None prevails in sin
The lord remain as king
In this scenary
Evil magic he will bring


Dragon...The Dragonlord...

Do or die
Wings of steel curse the sky
Stay away
To avoid a mortal fight

Dragon...The Dragonlord

Evil magic he will bring
And the magic brings
Evil magic he will bring
And the magic brings...Onto THEE!!!
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