Morifade - Dark Images Lyrics

Morifade Lyrics

Dark Images Lyrics
In a time of mastery
Seducing lies were told
The wars were far behind us
But anger still crept cold
Words of infamy
Sowed seeds of blinding hate
And mesmerized by glory
The masses met their fate

The darkest time of man's at hand
Blind follow blind along the blood trails
Orders form a chain of command
While leaders wait and watch in deathly silence

Dark images of one man's hate
Still remember...the pain and sorrow
Dark images of one man's hate
Still remember...the years of devastation
There's no shelter
There's no peace

In our time of innocence
We can't neglect the past
The wars are far behind us
But seeds of hate breed fast

For the master race symbols are praised
While fires are fueled within the death camps
The deafening sound of marching raised
A haunting memory that will last forever

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