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Ancient Prophecy Lyrics
["The Message"]

[Guard:] "HALT!!...What brings you here?"

[Warrior:] "Please let me pass, for I have an urgent message for the king!"

[Warrior:] "My Lord, my errand here is of the outmost importance.
Evil forces of the dark side have crossed our lands and they are heading
towards our kingdom as we speak...What shall we do!?

[The King:] "So...They came at last...The prophecy came true...Damned!"

[Warrior:] "Forgive me My Lord, I don't understand."

[The King:] "You see, a long time ago there was an old man who told everyone:

"We shall all come to face Evil one day, it is to be many years before this happens, won't be us, whom shall find It...It, shall find us...!"

Well...Arm for battle at once! And gather my knights, we shall ride at nightfall.

["The Battle"]

Out in the darkness the warriors went
The knights and the sorcerers were guiding the way
After a long way they came to a plain
And sighted an army from hell must've been sent

Warriors and blacklords they all came to blows
Bloodshed and sorcery came side by side

Words of enchantment bowstrings were drawn
Voices of mourning were echoing loud
Many were wounded when morning set to dawn
The field was in chaos and still men stood proud

Screaming and crying they fought for their lives
Magic and thunder and meeting of steel in the night

...And the time has come...Ancient prophecy
Now the time has come...Ancient prophecy
It's an ancient prophecy
Ancient prophecy

After the battle few men were left
Although the victory came for the good
The old mans foretelling now had come true
When Evil's inferior the mankind w
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