Morgul - The Need To Kill Lyrics

Morgul Lyrics

The Need To Kill Lyrics
Darkness comes creeping, cold, vile and cruel
Pure and strong it dwells deep within
The need to kill, crawling through heart and soul
Poison in your blood, venom in your mind
A spirit in chains, imperfection flowing through your veins
Turn loose the hatred
Beyond all control, unbridled raging anger, unleashed upon that which I despise

What I've harbored within can no longer be contained
Resed in a whirlwind of pain, No longer restrained
No room for mercy, empathy or compassion
Agony is what I bring
I have unleashed the beast, I have unleashed hell
Make them bleed, make them hurt
Make them sleep and turn into dirt,
underground they all now play
Breathing the fumes of their own decay
In the darkest depths of the mind, something untamed and sinister dwells
Hatred, disgust, contempt, the will to dominate
To rule, to destroy, I thirst for blood, for pain, fear and agony
A flame that burns in the heart, strong and clear
Make them pale, make them cold, make silence surround them and darkness unfold
Underground they all now play, breathing the fumes of their own decay
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