Morgul - All Dead Here Lyrics

Morgul Lyrics

All Dead Here Lyrics
Humanity on its knees, entangled in devastating apathy
Crushed underneath the heel of holy plague
Crippled, weak and diseased
The sky turned dark and the moon gleamed pale
The air was thick with the stench of death
Mankind festered in the scorching heat
and days were black as night
We are distorted, we are defiled, when we are dead, we are stocked and piled
We decompose, we putrefy, we all slowly wither and die
We walked with stumbling feet, chained together by our own common lack of sense
lol by words spewed from static mouths, mouths of lies, pestilence and deceit
We are grotesque creeps, hurdled grotesque sheep
We are deceased, no longer bound
We lie to rot, stinking in the ground
An epidemic wave swept over a weak and dying race
Apocalypse rendered our bodies withered and decayed
Our souls were starved and famished
Dead clouds smothered the Earth's face
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