Morgan Clamp - The Clean High Lyrics

Morgan Clamp Lyrics

The Clean High Lyrics
Whatever happens, whatever goes down before the morning
It's all good with me
The best kind of break is a break from the every day
And you just broke me
You might want to know

Tonight I got high on you

Oh so pure and clean, hot bubbled water, yeah you washed me down
And shared yourself
You're such a trip. It's more than I can say in words
But I'll keep trying
You should know by now

Tonight I got high on you

Don't you turn now
We were both there
I looked into you
And I finally saw you
Think about it; think about everything else you see
And what you feel
I consume this moment for all it's worth before it's through
Before I come down
You could be there too

Tonight I got high on you…
Only you…

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