Morgan Clamp - Second Chances Lyrics

Morgan Clamp Lyrics

Second Chances Lyrics
Why is everything as bad as it appears?
I'm a puzzle piece but I don't fit here
I have laid awake and bathed in my own tears
I'm my own shadow, does anybody understand

So I'm down, but I'm holding on
I'm hanging onto life and I ain't letting go
I've been weakened, but I'll get strong
It's these second chances that tell me I am not alone

Here's another day and I tremble in my skin
This pain inside of me has found a home within
I can't seem to run away, it's always two steps behind
Maybe things will change? Maybe it takes time


Why do we say ‘good morning” if the days just turn out bad
I miss that wanted feeling yet it's one I've never had
I can't recall the last time that I woke up with a smile
But I'll smile again some day, does anybody understand?...

I'm holding on, I'm not alone
I'm holding on, I'm not alone

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