More Than Life - The First Night Of Autumn Lyrics

More Than Life Lyrics

The First Night Of Autumn Lyrics
The first night of autumn came too soon,
I could see my breath disappear into the cold black sky,
Your hair danced in the wind as I held you close,
A tear ran down my cheek and hit the floor,
You whispered I'll see you soon but we both knew it wasn't true.
I never thought I'd let it come to this,
Shivering in the city streets,
Still breathless and still broken
The red lights dimmed out
The heavens opened on the dead drive
Home with your lie running through my mind.
Your voice drowning out with the rain on the window,
So easily we can fall.
My eyes so close and glued to the f*cking headlights,
With each flash of light I tear myself apart.
I watched the leaves fade from green to black and die, around my feet.
I couldn't kiss you one last time
Without letting you know you'll always be mine.

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