More Than Life - In Hindsight Lyrics

More Than Life Lyrics

In Hindsight Lyrics
What can you do when all you touch turns to dust and all your shadows last through dark?
I'll say it now you haven't looked happy in a while those hollow eyes are staring back at me
Those times of hate and disappointment made my life feel less bright
My f*cking failure didn't solve a thing
The sinner is a stolen heart that's been washed away with our years
The saddest songs, I'm feeling blue, wind swept smiles, I'm still missing you
The sort of days you wish you were even more alone
It's hard to find hope when science has killed God
It's hard to feel when you're in love with love itself
It's hard to cope when someone else cries for you
It's hard to want the truth when it's what we all ask for

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