God Made Me Lyrics by Mississippi Mass Choir

Mississippi Mass Choir Lyrics

God Made Me Lyrics
Leader: Through everyday trials of life. The enemy will have you question your very existence, so I call to tell you the believer... that God...
God Made me. He made me who I am.
Leader: Come on and say it with me. God made me
Repeat Chorus (He made me- Leader)
Leader: Put a smile on your face, and say God made me.
Repeat chorus (He made me- Leader)
Leader: You may be feeling down, but pick yourself up
God made me. (Leader- and sing) God made me who I am.
Leader: So repeat these words after me and sing it
I'm a conquer, I'm victorious, I won't be stopped, I won't be stopped, I'm a believer, I'm an achiever, I won't blocked, I won't be blocked.
Leader: And you know why!

Repeat Chorus 2x's
Repeat Bridge 2x's
Leader: Now if you believe it, stand up and lift your hands and say....
Choir: My Soul says... Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. My Soul says... Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. My Soul says... Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.( Repeat as long as leader says)
Choir: God made me, God gave me, God raised me, God saved me (Repeat 2x's)
Repeat Chorus
God made me. He made me who I am.
Choir Ending:
God made me who I am (Repeat 5x's)
So you ask yourself, does God really care for me? He does, so there's no need to be ashame of who you are. You can stand and declare to the world, God Made Me Who I Am!

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