Memphis May Fire Lyrics

Memphis May Fire Lyrics

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From the Album Remade in Misery (2022) (buy at
Remade in Misery
Blood & Water
Bleed Me Dry
Death Inside
The American Dream
Your Turn
Make Believe
Left For Dead
Only Human
The Fight Within

From the Album Broken (2019) (buy at
The Old Me
Watch Out
Sell My Soul
Who I Am
Heavy Is The Weight
Over It
Mark My Words
You & Me
Live Another Day

From the Album This Light I Hold (2016) (buy at
This Light I Hold
Out Of It
Carry On
Wanting More
Sever The Ties
The Enemy
This Light I Hold
That's Just Life
Letting Go
The Antidote
Better Things
Not Over Yet
Live It Well

From the Album Unconditional (2014) (buy at

From the Album Challenger (2012) (buy at

Without Walls
Alive In The Lights
Prove Me Right
Red In Tooth & Claw
Miles Away
Losing Sight
Generation: Hate
Vessels [Instrumental]

From the Album The Hollow (2011) (buy at

The Sinner
The Unfaithful
The Victim
The Abandoned
The Deceived
The Commanded
The Haunted
The Reality
The Redeemed

From the Album Between The Lies (2010) (buy at

Be Careful What You Wish For
Vaulted Ceilings
Deuces Las Cruces

From the Album Sleepwalking (2009) (buy at

North Atlantic Vs North Carolina
A Giant In A Giants World
You're Lucky It's Not 1692
Ghost In The Mirror
Been There, Done That
Quantity Is Their Quality
Destiny For The Willing
The Face With No Name
Speak Now, I'm Listening

From the Album Memphis May Fire (2007) (buy at

Cowbell's Makin' A Comeback
Neutron Cameras Vs. Smuggled Nuclear Bombs
Therapy Caravan Of The Fair Room
History Of Mercia
Conjunctions, Conjunctions, Everybody Loves Them

Other Songs:
Grenade (from "Punk Goes Pop 5" compilation)
Interstate Love Song (from "Punk Goes 90's 2" compilation)

Memphis May Fire Info:

Memphis May Fire is an American metalcore band formed in 2004 and based in Dallas, Texas. They went by the name 'Oh Captain, My Captain' until 2007. -Wikipedia

Dallas, Texas, USA

Also Known As:
Oh Captain, My Captain


Years active:

Matty Mullins -
lead vocals, keyboards

Kellen McGregor -
lead guitar, backing vocals

Cory Elder -

Jake Garland -

Anthony Sepe -
rhythm guitar

Past Members:
Chase Ryan -
vocals (2006-2008)

Ryan Bentley -
rhythm guitar (2006-2009, 2010-2012)

Joel Seir -
rhythm guitar (2009-2010)

Tanner Oakes -
bass guitar (2006-2007)

Austin Radford -
bass guitar (2007-2008)

Daniel De Los Santos -
bass guitar (2008-2009)

Jeremy Grisham -
drums (2006-2009)

Eric Molesworth -
drums (2009-2010)

Name Origin:
They explianed: "When we first started, we had a different name and got hate mail from some crappy metal band in another state with the same name. We quickly had to change it because we had already begun playing local shows and Memphis May Fire was the concoction of a few different names that we had played around with!"

Tour Dates:

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