MDC Lyrics

MDC Lyrics

From the Album Magnus Dominus Corpus (2004) (buy at

Destroying The Planet
Going Nowhere Faster Than You
Founding Fathers
Poseur Punk
Let's Kill All The Cops
Life, But How To Live It
Prime Evil
Time Out
Girls Like You Make Me Queer
Sleep A Little Less, Dream A Little More
Walking On Thin Ice
No More Cops
Long Day, Short Life
Timmy Yo
Nazis Shouldn't Drive
Sick Of It
Prick Faced Bastard
Ballad Of G.W.

From the Album Shades Of Brown (1993) (buy at

Shades Of Brown
This Land
Thanks For Giving Me What I Didn't Want
Slow, Stupid And Hungry
Hail Satan
Borrowed Time
Welfare Line
Real Food, Real People, Real Bullets
Long Time Gone

From the Album More Dead Cops (1988) (buy at
More Dead Cops
John Wayne Was A Nazi
Born To Die
Multi-Death Corporation
Selfish Shit
Radioactive Chocolate
No Place To Piss
Chicken Squawk
Pecking Order
Pay To Come Along
(R)Evolution In Rock
Spanish Castle Magic
Born Under A Bad Sign

From the Album Millions Of Damn Christians - This Blood's For You (1987) (buy at

Millions Of Damn Christians
This Blood's For You
Who's The Terrorist Now
Bye Bye Ronnie
Chock Full Of Shit
Mao Tse Tung
Sexy And Christian
Your Death Wish Is Sick
Massacred And Dismembered Culture
Police Related Death

From the Album Millions Of Dead Cops (1982) (buy at

Business On Parade
Dead Cops/America's So Straight
Born To Die
Corporate Deathburger
Violent Redneck
I Remember
John Wayne Was A Nazi
Dick For Brains
I Hate Work
My Family Is A Little Weird
Greedy And Pathetic
Church And State
Kill The Light
American Achievements

Other Songs:
Black Christmas
Hole In My Soul
Patriot Asshole

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