Mburu Sheila - Perfect Lyrics

Mburu Sheila Lyrics

Perfect Lyrics
See i'm not a supermodel
and i'm not a perftect 10
I have alot of problems
that i would like to share
i'm not on a magazine cover
my face is not on vogue
my clothes are not in fashion
and i've completely lost my hope

I cant be immaculate
it's impossible
I cant be what you want me to be
it's unimaginable
I cant be perfect
coz all i can be is me

I know i'm not your average
girl you see on tv
And i'm not a goody two shoes
i got some bad in me
i dont conform to normality
i'm far from exquisite
coz i'm not a beauty queen
and i hate the showbiz scene


Am i happy
Am i sad
Am i blissfull
Am i depressed
i cant answer all these questions
but i know is that i'll never be perfect



chorus to fade

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