Mburu Sheila - Now He's Mine Lyrics

Mburu Sheila Lyrics

Now He's Mine Lyrics
Your loss is my gain
Your temper and my restrain
Made him come come running to me
Coz you were to blind to see
The pain you caused him
With the lies you told
Now he treats me as precious as gold

So dont be hating on me
just coz you couldnt see
The child inside
the boy longing to be hugged and loved

Now in his arms i lie
And on my lips i feel his kiss
just a few things that you're gonna miss
Coz you didnt treat him right
Now he's mine

Lightning anger on your face
Because you've lost your place
In his heart and in his home
Now he's touching me not you
Now he's loving me not you
Coz of the doubt you felt
And the ice in you he couldnt melt
you wouldnt let him into your heart



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