Mburu Sheila - I Don't Deserve To Be Loved By You Lyrics

Mburu Sheila Lyrics

I Don't Deserve To Be Loved By You Lyrics
Dont love me
I'm unlovable
Dont touch me
i'm untouchable
dont care for me
I dont deserve your love
I dont deserve your touch
I dont deserve your care

I used to be carefree and wild
Just like a little child
Now all i feel is pain
And lonely thoughts echo in my brain
Sleepless nights and tear stained pillows
Are what i'm living through
I dont deserve to be loved by you

Insecurities and doubt
Running through my mind
Why would you want to love me
Why would you care
why would you want to be
Sucked into my lonely world of despair

So many dreams shot down
I'm sailing in a sea of sorrow
I wont let you join me
I wont let you love me
i wont let you fall into my trap


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