Mburu Sheila - Fly Away Lyrics

Mburu Sheila Lyrics

Fly Away Lyrics
oohhh, fly, fly ,fly away
fly away, fly away
yeah yeah...

Verse 1

u wake up in the morning
hair messed up ure eyes r filled with tears
u look around and see the same old thing
you've been living through for years
but u theres no escape
from the pain

sometimes u wanna cry
sometimes u wanna die
sometimes times u just wanna fly away
to a better land, and a better place
ohhhh sometimes u just wanna fly away

verse 2

u remember the days u spent 2gether
and the times u laughed 2 gether
till the cruel hand of fate
came and ripped u apart
and the pain that u face
is peircing through your heart


but now that he's gone
u drown ure sorrows
and u try to pray for a better tommorow
and u hope that he's still cares for you

for you


sometimes, sometimes the pain grips ure heart
sometimes, sometimes u just wanna cry
sometimes, sometimes, sometimes.........
yeah....... u just wanna fly away

chorus to fade

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