Mburu Sheila - Cold Lyrics

Mburu Sheila Lyrics

Cold Lyrics
i'm strange, I'm strange
I'm a stranger to society
I'm a stranger to your home
I'm a stranger to your heart
So dont you worry about me
coz no one else does

Dont you pity me
Dont look down on me
Coz i no longer feel
I'm cold

I'm alone, i'm alone
I'm a lonely person
Roaming in the streets of nothingness
Roaming in the darkness of my emptiness
So dont feel sorry for me
Coz no one else does


I'm dead, I'm dead
I'm a deadly curse to you
i'm a deadly being on earth
Bringing you unhappiness
So dont you try and love me
Coz no one else cares

Watch me, watch me
As i fade into the darkness
Watch me, Watch me
As i sink into depression

*chorus x2*

oh oh cold

*chorus to fade*

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