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Piece Of The Earth Lyrics
Now is the time to disappear or make it count
I'm searching for ways to break this fear, or bury all my doubts
Sometimes I'm dying just get out, I gotta get out
Find a place to start again
Take a chance with every breath
I breathe in I'm dying not to fall back in

It's no secret: This life is my emergency

I just want a piece of the Earth
Something that makes sense of this world
I just wanna make a mark on history that keeps repeating
I need something more meaningful
Seven days, they keep on passing me by
We just need a miracle so history won't keep repeating

I'm dragging my feet and burning out, the Sun will rest
I'm drinking too much and breaking down, I can't say I did my best
It's time to take it in perspective, and try to not give everything
I have away Tear down all the walls
I've built myself and break out of this sad cliche

It's alright now, I'm feeling a big change coming soon

It's not about the things we tend to lose
There's nothing more to lose
I can't take this time for granted
Cherish all the loved ones by our side
I've carried the world on my shoulders,
that Iron String it resonates inside
Sometimes I wake up and feel my heart beat
This reminder tells me I am alive
I wonder how I'll be remembered
We are measured by what we do in life
(Open your eyes and breathe)
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