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Easy To Fall Lyrics
That girl is oh so beautiful, she's not typical...
I caught her eyes from across the room
She's the perfect fall, where do I begin?
The way her mouth moves when she laughs
Just takes my breath away
Each time with her is better than the last

The way that she rolls her eyes, she so sarcastic
We're gonna be out all night, let's make some magic
Sometimes I think she's too good for me

I wanna be yours tonight, I'm gonna keep you warm all night
I'll stay by your side tonight
I said to the one of my dreams
"Girl you know, you make it easy to fall in love"

I feel my heart racing again as the light shines on her hair
As the feeling starts sinking in, I catch my breath again
I wish this night would never end
Her fingers are laced with mine, I'm so distracted
The moments are flying by, my hearts held captive

Call it a crush, call it what you will
Girl what's the rush, we've got time to kill

That girl is oh so beautiful, she's not typical...

"You make it easy to fall..."
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