May Brian - One Rainy Wish Lyrics

May Brian Lyrics

One Rainy Wish Lyrics
(Brian May)
Im on my way up (ooh!)
Cant put me down (ooh!)
Business is tough (ooh!)
I aint gonna get pushed around
Im on my way (ooh!)
Gonna take this town (ooh!)
Its gonna be mine all mine
Its my time - and -
Im on my way (on my way up)
Straight to the top (Im telling myself)
Im telling myself (Im totally sussed)
Im puttinmy name around (on my way up)
Ooh hoo - (on my way up)
Gotta get rhythm
I got positivism to give em
Im on my way through
Where Im going to
You wouldnt believe
But Ill make it - Im tellin you
Im on a-roll
Gonna have it all
Its gonna be fine so fine
Baby all of the time
Im in control
Im mighty bold
Im lookin good
Im quittin the neighbourhood
On my way up
Gotta get right with em
Got all of my life left for livin
Nobody gonna tell me no
Nobody gonna stop me so
Everybody gonna see me grow
Nobody gonna hold me down
Gotta get to a better place
Gotta wake up - see your face
Gotta hold on - move on
Go through that wall
Its my life or its nothin
Our life or its nothin at all
Im on my way up...
Im on my way
Yeah - gonna get it right
Im telling myself
Gonna make it this time around
On my way up
Gonna get that rhythm baby
Gonna start that livin babe
Got all my sights set on heaven...
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