Maxeen Lyrics

Maxeen Lyrics

From the Album Life In The Gears (2007) (buy at
Life In The Gears
Place To Go
Kiss That Life Away
Release (The Neck Of Love)
That Was Not Me

From the Album Hello Echo (Tour Edition) (2006) (buy at
Hello Echo
Loud As War
Love Goes A Long Way
Seconds Later
Beautiful Disease
Let Go
Don't Make No Sense
Replace Us
Hurry Up And Wait
Block Out The World

From the Album Maxeen (2003) (buy at

Delete Lola
Love Goes A Long Way
Poison June
Lead Not Follow
White Flag
Shuffle My Feet
Take The Weight Off
Good Enough

Other Songs:
Murder By Numbers (from "Policia! A Tribute To The Police" Compilation)
Save Me (from "Sound of Superman" Compilation)

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