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Mase Lyrics

Kamakazi Lyrics
(feat. 50 Cent)

[Ma$e Murda Interlude: Intro in the background]
This is Murda! [ovation] [scream]
And you listenin' to "Crucified 4 The Hood"... Volume 1! "10 Years Of Hate"!
Y'all know how we made it...

[Intro: Ma$e Murda {DJ Whoo Kid}]
Yup, you-yup-you' pa-POM!
50 you came to Scoop nigga,
Now I'm a burn this joint down! {Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }

[Ma$e Murda:]
I got the metro! - Petro! - The Tech blow; [shot] echo! [shot]
I make niggaz in the club - move like it's techno.
Chick scream: "Heck no! " - Flow this crazy
I gotta get a cheque for rap version of Creflo. {G-UNIT RADIO! }
You hear it in my flow that I done fathered niggaz
I chill, go to church and I don't bother niggaz. {AAAOOOOOHHH! }
But I'm gonna get mine regardless nigga,
And if you keep frontin' like a champ', I'm a Tarver niggaz;
Come on! - We got the "Unit" it's not a "Gorilla"
You got no beef it's not over scrilla.
Bunch of loud mouths and I'm a concealer
This is "Murda" nigga, I named you "Killa"! [shot] Yeah! {GET BACK! }
Word in the street is Murda is home
And the broads don't wanna leave Murda alone;
Come on! - More Franklyns than Aritha
Go against Ma$e Betha and be ready for a ether.
Think I'm soft, but check it this is off the record,
If I brought it to a nigga if'd be off the record. [gunshot] {Whooooo! }
Uh! Slow down easy! Go down greasy!
Nigga take one right, give him 4 rounds easy. [4 shots] {Whooooooo! }
Ain't no "ands" or "ifs" man, when I'm in the mix man
Like I'm ambidextrous I pop left, switch hands. [shot] {Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo}
An loved in everyway cause I'm a rich man, {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }
I open niggaz chests like vicks man. [shot] {DAMN! }
As in the M-A-$-E days,
I throw chicks on the bench like the 6 men!
2 drops or more! - Blue fox to floor!
New drop azure! - Tube sox araur!
A flow this crazy then who dropped the ball {COME ON! }
The most controversial since Tupac Shakur. {NONE STOP! }
I'm givin' ya niggaz murder with all the ice-off
I'm grimey like the park with the lights-off
I'm not Roy Jones I never take a night-off
I'm tryna get my money up to get my niggas mics-off.
And you don't want a problem nigga {OOOOOHHH! }
I feel like '97 Harlem nigga.
So calm! So witty! So don! So pretty!
And if I - lift the mink up, I'd blind the city! {SHADE 45! }
I put a .9 on the line. - Them dimes coming with me.
And I'm finished with Bad Boy now I'm signed with 50s! {OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH! }
You think I'm in the booth still, cause I got the coupe's still,
Kriss back and forth - like how the crew chill.
Can we by the restroom, ring like 2 mill'?
So on the back, there it's good for 2 fills.
I take her to the backseat where Jacob in the back
She like Ma$e, come mess up my make-up in the back. {COME ON! }
Come here an' get rowdy rowdy! - I just pipe her.
Then I give her back to her man to wife her.
Most she get, probably school clothes an a Chrysler
But you get bizarre - take it way far;
Like I slayed the raw, 'till I say tomorrow,
You rememeber me - for toting that thing around. [gun cocks] {Whooooo! }
For half a century - they been throwing my name around,
Chicks get fidgety! - Everytime I came around. {"CRUCIFIED... "}
Now it's the enemy! - Plus I got the anger now! {"FOR THE HOOD"! }
You know I pull up on the - Block! Big grey - tost!
Your mixtape - host! - Get straight "Ghost".
This thing in my diesel - put out so many shots [gunshot]
You can feel a breeze through. - One of your Boys; please dude!
Something to give me the right to leave you. {IT'S THE UNIT! }
A hole in your head so big you can put a key through;
Cousin I'm it! - Your Uncle Festa!
That B2K flow; I might molest ya.
Don't even come unless you coming for real
Cause right now I give you one that you won't even feel. [gunshot] {Whooooo! }
'Fore you even get the nerve to put your gun on my grill,
You better speed on the highway, sleep under the wheel.
If you know like I know. - You just lie low!
When you hear the fire go! BLOW! [gunshot] BLOW! [gunshot] BLOW! [gunshot] - Hit the floor...

[Chorus: 50 Cent (Ma$e Murda)]
It's kamekazi! (I run for the door!) - Tell everybody! (yeah!)
We got the C4 to blow up the lobby.
Grab that ammo! [gunshot] - Cock the shotty. [gun cocks]
Ma$e is back. - Tell everybody! - HARLEM STAND UP!

[50Cent Interlude: crowd ovation in the background]
Yeah! {WHAT? }
Now what y'all think about Ma$e on G-Unit!
And ya know I don't care what you think.

[Chorus: 50Cent]
It's kamekazi! - Tell everybody!
We got the C4 (Whooooo!) to blow up the lobby.
Grab that ammo! (OOOHH!) - Cock the shotty! [gun cocks]
Ma$e is Back! - Tell everybody! - HARLEM STAND UP! Haha! [3 gunshots]
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