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Intro Lyrics
[DJ Whoo Kid:]
Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!

Yo, do you even know why you hate me?
You don't know it, right?
You just hate me, cause they told you to hate...
You don't even know WHY you hate me!
Who told you to hate? !
You don't know? [echoes]

Sends, sends, se-e-e-ends!

[Samples {Whoo Kid}:]
[Beanie Sigel:] Play the pulpit like Pastor Mason,
Turn cheek like Martin Luther... [static] {OK! }
[Rat Joe:] An I was just about to find God - but now that Ma$e is back (hehehe!)
I'd think I'd much rather find a monogue! [static] {DAMN! }
[Jay-Z:] Karats, "Horse & Carriage" to spend like Mason Betha! [static]
[EMINEM:] Sit on top of the world... [static] on Brandy and Ma$e! [static]
[Fabolous:] Bet you come back smiling like Ma$e, c'mon! [static]
[Cum'Ron:] I ain't always hustle! - I was Ma$e muscle! [static] {DAMN! }
[Juelz Santana:] 'Body, welcomin' this! - Welcomin' that!
He wasn't welcome in the first place, how we welcomin' back? ! [static] {Whooo! }
[Cum'ron:] Hot here! - Ask Ma$e, he went to Atlanta! [static]
[Beanie Sigel:] Get off the block, run South with M. Betha. [static]
[Lloyd Bank$:] So I'm tryin' to figure out what made Ma$e fall back. [static] {DAMN! }
[50Cent:] From the last shoot-out - I got a demple on my face (uh-huh!)
It's nothin'! - I could go after Ma$e's fanbase! [static] {NON STOP! }
[NaS:] I proud of Ma$e for given himself to the Lord! [static]
[Puff Daddy:] My other nigga turned Evangelist, but... [static] {Whooooooo! }
[Young Buck:] Hoes keep askin' (Ho: "Where Ma$e at? ") (OOOHH!)
He puttin' on this G-Unit chain. - Relax! [static]
[Biggie:] 6 TV's, a SYSTEM - knockin' Ma$e shit! [static]
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