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Don't Need Security Lyrics
"Here's a daaaaay, I'm gooooooing tomorrow! "

[Intro: {DJ Whoo Kid}]
Yeah! {DAMN! }
You know how I never remember a gangsta havin' security!
A nigga like Usher need security! {HAHA! }
A nigga like Justin need security!
A nigga like Lenny Kravitz need security! {Whooooooo! }
Gangstas don't need security! (g'eah!)
My nigga MJ... when this drop, hahaha! (yeah!)
You gonna need security! (yeah, g'eah!) {G-UNIT! }

[1st Verse]
I had the Desert since Biggie left it [gun cocks]
Too many fake niggas from my hood that I don't rep it.
And you can tell I'm a wildcard! {Whoooo! } - By the way that I'm standin'
Niggas bobbin' and I'm landin', aim sharp and they shittin'. [hunshot]
You know a nigga hurt his hand, punchin' cars like it's cannon. {DAMN! }
Throw a nigga Hail Mary from 1/8 like Manning; {Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo}
So - Don't let 'em amp ya, I got it up in here {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }
I'm not from Tamba but we get the buckin' in here. [gunshot] {DAMN! }
3 niggas with blades, sorta like Musketeers,
Like Peter I know Jesus, but Eager to cut me in here!

When I bounce thru the club,
Everybody still scream: "Muuuurda! "
Don't need security!
I'm same route, chained out; {CAN'T FORGET... }
Everybody still scream: "Muuuurda! " {SHA MONEY... ! }
Don't need security! {XL! }
I'm two Double R's, (yeah!) no entourage, (yeeeeeeeeah!)
Cause it's Muuuurda! - Don't need security!

That's me, that's me! [echoes] [beat stops]
I know I don't need no security!
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