Marty Robbins - The Fastest Gun Around Lyrics

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The Fastest Gun Around Lyrics
In the days of William Bonney better known as Bill The Kid
A young cowboy named Joey Steel was 'bout to make his bid
Well, he heard one day that Bill The Kid had just rode into town
And if he could take him he would be the fastest gun around

He was just a kid of seventeen but he had a lightin' hand
And he said it's time I showed the world that I've become a man
Everyone thinks Billy is the fastest gun around
But they will know I'm faster when they see me shoot him down

They finally came together down on Main Street just at five
The people were all gathered wonderin' who'd be left alive
Billy knew that Joey wanted notches on his gun
And he wished that he could give him those he'd carved upon his own

Joey's hand went to his side, he was sure that he had won
But before he even fired he saw the smoke of Billy's gun
And he felt the bullet hit him hard and before his eyes he saw
His wasted life pass quickly ending with this fatal draw

Billy breathed more easily and he put away his gun
And he tried to ease his conscience for the wrong that he had done
Then he saddled up his horse and headed Westward out of town
And he wondered just how long he'd be the fastest gun around

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