Marty Robbins - Pain And Misery Lyrics

Marty Robbins Lyrics

Pain And Misery Lyrics
Well when I come home this morning
Was still too dark to see
I could tell that baby wasn't sleepin' next to me
She's gone and left me
Where to, I guess I'll never know
I only know her leavin's brought pain and misery to my soul

Well a note was on the pillow
She's gone without a doubt
I tried to read her writin' but I couldn't make it out
The tears were fallin'
Too fast for me to even read
Nobody knows my sorrow, nobody knows my misery

My friends told me she'd leave me
But I said they wasn't right
She'd give no word of warnin' she'd be leavin' in the night
Can't understand her
What made my baby want to go
I didn't hear her leavin' she didn't even close the door

Well, if she come home this mornin'
I'd jump amd shout with glee
She can't mean more to someone else than what she means to me
I love that woman,
I got to have her all the time
I got to have her near me to ease this misery on my mind

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