Marty Robbins - Martha Oh Martha Lyrics

Marty Robbins Lyrics

Martha Oh Martha Lyrics
Martha, I wish you were just teasin' me
When you tell me we have to part
I don't mind the way that you're makin' me crawl
Or the footprints you put on my heart
Martha, I love you as no other man
Could ever have love for his wife
Before I disgrace you by causing you shame
Martha, I'd take my own life

Martha, you see me I'm down on my knees
Cryin' my heart out again
While you stand there laughin' and tossin' your head
Makin' fun of what's left of a man
Martha, you're mixin' me up in my mind
I'm shattered and prideless, I'm weak
But if I didn't love you as much as I do
Then you wouldn't see tears on my cheek

Martha, oh, Martha, I'm sorry I just lost control
But I wish you could understand
I'm begging you, Martha, I love you so much
I'm human, I'm only a man
This time you're leavin' I know it's for good
And I can't keep you, why should I try
But kiss me once, Martha, and then you can go
Martha, oh, Martha, goodbye

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