Mariana Kupfer - Rise Lyrics

Mariana Kupfer Lyrics

Rise Lyrics
I know that it´s over
But I can´t believe we´re through
They said that time´s a healer
And I´m better without you
It´s gonna take time I know
But I´ll get over you

Look at my life
Look at my heart
I have seen them fall apart
Now I´m ready to rise again
Look at my hopes
Look at my dreams
I´m building bridges from these scenes
Now I´m ready to rise again

Caught up in my thinking, yeah
Like a prisoner in my mind
You pose so many questions
But the truth was hard to find
I better think twice I know
That I´ll get over you


Much time has passed between us
Do you still think of me at all?
My world of broken promises
Now you won´t catch me when I fall


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