Mariana Kupfer - Crush Lyrics

Mariana Kupfer Lyrics

Crush Lyrics
Ahh crush
Ahhh crush

See you blowin´ me a kiss
It doesn´t take a scientist
to understand whats goin´ on baby
If you see something in my eye
let´s not over analyze
don´t go too deep with it baby (baby)

So let it be
what it´ll be
Don´t make a fuss and go crazy over you and me
Here´s what I´ll do
I´ll play the wuss, not like we have a date with destiny


It´s just (a)
a little crush (crush)
not like I faint, every time we touch
It´s just (a) some little thing (crush)
Not like every thing I do
ooh depends on you ooh
sha la la la
sha la la la

It´s raisin´ my adrenalin´
you´re banging on a heart of tin
please don´t make too much of it baby
Say "that were for ever more"
that´s not what im lookin´ for,
all I can commit to is maybe (maybe)



(dream version)
Vanilla skies (vanilla skies)
White picket fences in your eyes
A vision of you and me (and me...)

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