Maria McKee - Without A Doubt (Inspiration) Lyrics

Maria McKee Lyrics

Without A Doubt (Inspiration) Lyrics
You gave me encouagement,
for to do what iam doing now.
and it's all thanks 2 u,
coz you're my inspiration without a doubt
without a doubt

you're the one who told me,
i could do it if i try.
and now i wanna,
do it till the day i die,
day i die

coz you,
are my inspiration
without a doubt,
that is what you are.
coz you,
helped me through my misery
without a doubt,
that is what you did,
what you did

Before i had met you,
i was just a boring girl
when you came to me,
you gave me something that made me feel,
made me feel


That something helped me feel bright,
just like a shining star,
that's why you're my inspiration,
to me, to me
woah yeah (without a doubt)

(chorus x2)

(3rd chorus fades)

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