Maria Barracuda - Oh Lord Lyrics

Maria Barracuda Lyrics

Oh Lord Lyrics
Somebody is killing, somebody is laughing,
somebody is looking for your money
when you are gone, oh lord!
Somebody is wicked when you are not watching,
somebody is taking all your inocence, oh lord!
Somebody is wnting to become like you,
somebody is stealing all your personality,
somebody is talking about your secrets,
somebody is always getting on your nerves, oh lord!

Believe in what you want,
as long as you still are
one of the smiling ones
Oh lord! Oh lord!

You are almost happy, you are almost free
you are almost getting ride of your stupidity. Oh lord!
I'm always ready to turn unsteady,
I'm always wanting back my old reality, oh lord!
Somebody is killing

Believe... (x2)

Idiotic, caotic, erotic,
hypnotic, neurotic, exotic,
narcotic, despotic, bionic,
pathetic, histeric, robotic.


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