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Melvin Lyrics
I cordially invite you to performances in Normandy
I formally was more of a morally well-rounded human
Zooming through this industry, booming with opportune movements
I moved units, we, the new Christ and new Judas
Priest when I feast on these beats I'm producin'
This mind that I'm losing, got time that I'm watching passing
Think you had it bout up to here with my obnoxious ass
Bought an apple out the rotten batch
Your little sister probably kill you for my autograph (pow)
I tell a bitch sample the misogyny
All black Benz but the inside mahogany
Comedy, drop bombs, and humbly kill shit
You got that one homie, you be f*cking with pills with
The illness, medicated natural phosphor
Sip a cold lager just to turn to Kevin Cosner
Dip out in a tripped out flying saucer
Head out to the jungle sippin' ayahuasca
Say it's bad luck to go and sit in a casket
So me and my homies we be spitting that whack shit, only

Am I rolling
Would you wash the feet of ugly Jesus
When he's coming for your pontoon boat
Everybody's going to jail this time

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