Mac Miller - Melt Lyrics

Mac Miller Lyrics

Melt Lyrics
Yeah, right here, or no, never mind
Pete Rock

My cigarillo bigger than armadillos
I might go Schizo, pistol under the pillow
Abysmal, flow hot as fire and brimstone
Sonning these rappers, calling them kiddo, it's simple
I'm watching movies with the sound off
In the dark my shadow colder than a groundhog's
So I'm eating Chinese food with the brown sauce
F*ck bitches, nothing but a hound dog
Count off to a million, do you have time?
Blast off when you lifted, have you been this high?
Drifting by, give time a kiss goodbye
Cuz I'm gone, I'll be back as soon as pigs can fly
I'm the first time Peyton, let the pigskin fly
It is I, now that's Tony lifting
My shit is addicting, aliens are listening
Listen to this

Why won't you let the rain clouds melt?
Let the rain clouds melt
Everybody let the rain clouds melt
Why don't you let the rain clouds melt?

[ScHoolboy Q:]
Back with Mac, yeah we mackin right
Court-side looking brain-fried
Black and white guy, tie dye
Two hoes, tight thighs, no rolls on the ta-ta's
Pre-roll's in my Prada, neck gold, I'm your fasha
Son niggas, I'm the one, here I come
Where your tongue came from?
The underground like we platinum
Start the car with my right thumb
See me in the ride, Backwood burnin'
Get green, smoke earnin'
So high, spitting on the sky, the extraterrestrial's have arrived
Passports, we fly by, no court time
Throw the peace sign, by the Chevy as a Nissan
Now you acting like a pussy
Furtherize the level that we took 'em
Bent my dick in your mouth, I'll hush 'em


Take you back with medieval, cerebral, assault retrieval
If you're trying to get down, better call your people
Flow like you're walking down a Harlem needle
Sharp as steeples, this is an assault on evil
An assault on evil
Said this is an assault on evil
So get on the mother f*cking ground!

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