Mac Miller - Lucky Ass Bitch Lyrics

Mac Miller Lyrics

Lucky Ass Bitch Lyrics
[Intro: Juicy J]
Ol' ratchet ass bitch
(F*ck me) tryna get your hustle on
Ain't no nigga gunna pay your muthaf*ckin' bills, bitch
Get your own shit, I don't give a f*ck, ho
Mac Miller, tell these hoes what's up, man

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
She sayin' f*ck me, f*ck me, she like it rough and that's rugby
I'm partyin' where there's drugs free, this life to live, it don't come cheap
Leave a hand print on her butt cheek, she give me head while I puff trees
I'm on drugs, she on drugs, her nose just got bloody
Sniffin' coke lines off my dick, she ridin' on that train
She crushin' down that powder, I'm puffin' on this Sour
Been f*ckin' her for hours and I still ain't got my nut
You f*ckin' with that molly, she ain't gon' let you bust
Give me some while I hit the blunt, I'm in ya spirit, let me lift it up
If daddy come, get my shit and run, he gon' see my ass, go and get his gun
You a devil bitch, let me tell you that, feel like I been to hell and back
You textin' me, addicted, you need me, you miss it
She crazy, she nasty, everyday she harass me
I'm f*ckin' her to sleep and then she pay for my taxi
God damn, the sun is comin' up
That's the last time that I'm gon' be f*ckin' with them drugs

She get a bunch of money, spend it all on drugs
Mobbin' with her bitches, never fall in love
Dumpin' out that yayo, sniffin' all it up
Go ahead and hate her, cause everybody does

God damn, that's a lucky ass bitch [x4]

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
She got money, drugs and freedom, blunts what she's cheefin'
She ain't got a job, but f*ck it, she don't need one
Drive drunk, she swervin', tryna f*ck, she's certain
Run around and stumble down, hit her head, she hurtin'
Drunk as f*ck, sniffin' pills, wildin' out, tell the bitch to chill
Cup of syrup and a blunt of purp
Which one of my homie's gon' f*ck her first?
She in love with drugs, that pussy get licked up
Picked up, then dicked down, bitch, tell me who rich now?
You f*ckin' with the Most Dope knuckleheads
Gettin' money, f*ck the feds, yeah that Stevie Wonder bread
Ain't a rookie, uh, that bitch is famous, Snookie
One thing I won't do, (what's that?) pay for pussy


[Verse 3: Juicy J]
I'm trippy mane, looking for a trippy chick
That like to get f*cked up and do some trippy shit
Paper planes rolled up I call them trippy sticks
Weed, pills, and the drank (codeine) á she with it
Juicy got money and juicy got bitches
Smoking and drinking that Charlie Sheen living
Up in this bitch keep two hoes with me
Poppin' them superman pills getting freaky (they freaky)
I like double D's, she like double D's
Shawty can't lose, she play on both teams
Hell in her mouth, her becky fire
Molly pills, orange juice got the bitch wired
All my hoes got money and they keep me higher
Then I line em' up for a menage-a-tois-er


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