Mac Miller - Girls In The Palm Of My Hand Lyrics

Mac Miller Lyrics

Girls In The Palm Of My Hand Lyrics
Better mix this right muther f*cker haha
That's right ya'll
Let's get it aha

I got girls in the palm of my hand
And they all wanna call me they man
But I'm out for the dough hoes piff
Girls on my dick like a pogo stick (pogo stick)
Go up and down, up and down
Now let me see you drop low and touch the ground
So who wanna f*ck me now
I know you heard that I'm f*ckin around
Listen numb nuts f*cking with them young sluts
Bust nuts on they mouth and they guts
Get dome in the back of the bus
I ain't asking to touch just pass me the dutch
Smoke a L while I'm getting my cutty
Hit a hoe put my dick in her tummy
For the money chips like Nestly text me
Every single day for the next week
Hoes won't leave me alone just bone and I'm leavin her home
East to erom no teeth with the dome girls always wanna try creeping my phone
No rest never will the sex end
Next night I'll be hittin her bestfriend
First impression got her undressing
Sexting, sexting, sexting sexting
You come like a Smith in Westen
Nausea, Heart burn, indigestion
No question, damn I'm free
F*ck every female on your family tree
Can't stop crushing, since the sandbox
Get a hanjob from your grandma
Are you down for the truth
I'm getting brains right now in the booth
After this jam drop her off at her house
But now she's busy with my balls in her mouth
Ha, go and talk to me now
Psych! Keep your lips on my cock for a while
That's degrading, I'm not hating
This music for a baby makin'
Spittin' rap in the sack bitches with their titties flashed
Sick as that, gettin that strap with the Jimmy hat
I don't want no H.I.V EZ Mac girl taste my cheese
Stay bubbin' no bustin'
Pussy stay flooded end of discussion
Looked good had to put her in a thong
Sex so crazy had to put it in a song
All night long got it on
In the morning got to drop her at her moms

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