Mac Miller - Fight The Feeling Lyrics

Mac Miller Lyrics

Fight The Feeling Lyrics
Close your eyes...

[Mac Miller:]
Watch em do the Macarena
Somewhere out in Pasadena
Love a drug that everybody here just tryna get a taste of
You a waste of the space that you take up livin'
This time around I'm not kidding
I had an intuition about these women and suspicions
Got me looking at you different
I'm a man of my position
Can't stop slipping down these slopes
Cause it's all just downhill from there
As a kid I didn't learn that, but now I'm aware
When you were young and you just tryna live your life and have some fun
In a world where you have yet to see how evil it's become
It's hard to have a dream when you deep inside of one
And I know you hate them spirits so I keep em in my lungs
I'm a Beetle to these young kids
But sometimes I be feelin like a needle to these young kids
You had the world, you about to leave it to these young kids
And we gonna show you what the love is...

Say that, don't fight what you know
Let it become intact
Don't ever let it go
It won't stop!
You can't fight the feeling
You can't fight the feeling, no

[Mac Miller:]
And I keep a couple most dope homies by me
So there ain't too many times it's me myself and Irene
We stay smoking through the night
Wake up, do some Tai Chi
Homie can't you see I'm chillin?
Please don't f*ck up my Chi
Yea my jacket Y 3
Recently been up on fashion
Spent a bunch of money counting sticks and satisfaction
Fell asleep in Hollywood, woke up in Manhattan
Ballin' like I'm Jordan
But I'm fresh as Mark Blackman
A penny for your thoughts, a dollar for your dreams
I price on an idea
We never can agree...
They tell you what to know but it's better to believe
So why you tryna act like what you never gonna be?
Still I tell em "f*ck what you know I'm feelin comfortable"
Just continue living life cause enough of 'em don't
You spent your days counting every single penny made
Store it now, cause we coming for you anyways...


[Kendrick Lamar:]
Sometimes I wake up, up in the morning, make up
Wrap this much make up off my bitch soon as she yawning
Take up, hours upon days just to find power shit to say
But you won't hear it, even if your ears was pierced with Beats by Dre
I mean, the sun is slowly falling
We all surely die eventually
So what's your calling? You left your phone lying
Identity, crisis breaks mirrors, vices steer us through wickedness
Jesus Christ is right near us
And devil says you owe 10%
Sold your soul
I know, sold your soul and you're hopeless
My focus:
Stare at these [?] that float in the open on oceans
That coast the line on the margins I rhyme, choking
Soaking up game, I'm hoping
You peeped the second one, chain the
Emotional jealousy you're holding, you're telling me
You're golden, but you're really cubic zirconium
Let me see: I break it down like a pound of fire whenever
But your tactics are mighty clever, but even if you Mayweather
You can't fight the feeling...

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