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Put Me In Tha Game Lyrics
[Mac talking]

Like my poppa said life is just like a game
You got to play it
You got those who hate to play it
But when you play you gotta play it right
ya heard me?

[Verse 1:]

I used to sit on that pine and watch these other players shine
coach never gave me no kinda of play time
I got game, I got game, I would try to explain
but he aint hear me look, I doubt people even remember my name
Remember me who carried that Gatorade? you told me I would later play
you never put me in, I waited for days
I wanted to ball too, I wanted to shine,
let me get in and get mine, this pine is starting to hurt my behind
So why you hatin' me? when I came to pratice faithfully
I got the grades, I got the Nike wrist bands with the Michael Air J's
You never substitued your kin-folks
even if we winning by 30, with 30 seconds left in the 4th
Half of them is too old, the other half parole,
don't make me rat and make 'em take back all the trophies you stole
Shorty wanna ball, I'm telling yall
If he dont get his break, someone gonna meet their fate

[Chorus x2]

Put me in tha game
I wanna shine too man , let me get mine too,
look I wanna show these fools what I can do
Put me in tha game
All I want is a shot,
I might be as good or better than them players you got

[Verse 2:]

I cant believe you told me I was chump, told me that I played like a punk
you never knew I would grow 6'4", double pump, and dunk
I never gave up and even when I got cut, I went home
study my game alittle more, pratice on my free throws
I got with another team and got my shine on, my play time on,
Just pass me the ball, I give resistance all
Coaches sweating me, cheerleaders wont stop letting me,
I guess I got the recipe now
Soon as I hit the court, I hear sceams, which only means,
to follow your dreams, no matter how roughed the road might seem
I said that to say this, the life is like a sport
the ghetto's your home court, if you weak you playing the wrong sport
by any means stick to your guns,
and I'm aint talking about the ones that shoot
I'm talking about the roots
and when they put you in keep the same hunger
that's how you elavate, that's how you get your game stronger

[Chorus x2]

[Mac talking]

Ya heard me?
Put me in tha game
and I'ma show you one thing
I'ma play it right
cause ain't no faking ya heard me?
1999, Ghetto Commander what
Put Me In Tha Game
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